Marina and Antonio met through mutual friends in 2011. Antonio was living in Montreal and Marina was living here in Ontario. They kept in touch as friends, chatted on Facebook and those conversations got longer and longer until their friendship evolved into a relationship. Gotta love matchmaker Facebook, right? Their long distance relationship was needless to say, not easy, but it made them stronger and made their love what it is today. Antonio proposed where they first met; by the lake eating ice cream on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, an old ACL injury meant he couldn’t go down on one knee but don’t worry, Marina has vowed to bug him over this for the rest of his life.

Tobermory sunrise engagement photography session at a boat house on the lake

Marina and Antonio’s summer engagement session took us to Tobermory, Ontario, where we all booked a camping spot at the same campground for the weekend. Adam and I had been here before so we helped set out a plan based on the spots that most resonated with them. Well plans don’t always work out, and that’s when great adventures are born.

We started off with a 5am sunrise session. Adam made coffees for everyone over the fire the night before to wake us up for the drive to Dyers Bay. Marina and Antonio shared some sleepy cuddles by the boathouse for some photos before getting into the canoe for a paddle down to the pier. I jumped in the canoe with them. We couldn’t help but laugh as I tried to juggle taking their photographs while paddling us in the right direction and not letting the wind carry us away. Success! We got to the pier, I got out, and just as Antonio leaned in to give Marina a kiss to end off the morning session, tip! The canoe rocks a little too hard and sends them into the Georgian Bay. They laughed and rung out their clothes. Now these are our kind of people!

We went back to the campsite to get ready for our sunset photo session.

couple leaning against a boat house at rinses with a canoe in the foreground. photo taken at sunrise with sun flare peeking through between their faces. Natural Engagement photography in Tobermory

natural engagement photo of couple leaning against a boat house on a beach at sunrise

romantic photo of couple during an engagement photography session in Tobermory. Couple embracing on a beach at sunset

IndieIndie black and white photography. Engagement photography Tobermory Ontario GTA

couple kissing at sunrise. Romantic, natural engagement photography

natural couple walking along a pebble beach at sunrise. Tobermory engagement photography

candid photo of couple walking naturally along a pebble beach at sunrise. beautiful soft glow of the morning sun casts a pink hue on beach and lake.

lanscape photograph of beach and lake in Tobermory. Natural engagement photography.

couple holding hands and strolling along a pebble beach at sunrise. Candid, natural engagement photography

couple embracing romantically on a pebble beach. Sunrise engagement photography in Tobermory GTA

romantic soft pink sunrise photograph. natural engagement photo of couple standing on a pebble beach in Tobermory

creative engagement photograph of couple standing on pebble beach and looking out over lake at sunrise

creative black and white engagement photography in Tobermory GTA

creative photo of vintage canoe on pebble beach at sunrise. Tobermory photography

creative photography of engagement ring on vintage canoe. Tobermory engagement photography in Tobermory

vintage style black and white engagement photography in tobermory GTA

couple canoeing on lake at sunrise. beautiful pink hue over sky and lake at sunrise golden hour. Engagement photography in tobermory

couple in canoe, canoeing on a lake. creative engagement photography

engagement photo of couple cuddling in a canoe. Tobermory lake at sunrise

candid photo of couple in a canoe. photojournalistic photography in Tobermory GTA

Candid black and white photography. Vintage style photo of canoe

As dusk fell we arrived at the trail head to the Grotto. We were told that they had closed the 30-minute trail due to overcrowding so we had to take the 2 hour trail. What? But it’s almost sunset! Marina and Antonio were up for it so we took the beautiful scenic route through the forest, around the lakes, to the cliff edge of the famous grotto. The sun was going over the horizon as Marina and Antonio dipped their feet in the crystal blue waters of Indian Head beach. We arrived and it was worth it. The white-grey rocky bay seemed to meet and mix with the sparkling white waters of the lake and the clear pastel skies. It was breathtaking.

the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula. Tobermory engagement photography

Sunste photo on a rocky beach the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula.

couple standing in the water on a rocky beach at the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula. Natural engagement photography

natural photo of couple kissing while standing on a rock in the water at the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula. candid engagement photography.

indie style photo of couple on cliff edge at the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula

romantic indie style engagement photography. couple standing on cliff edge at the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula

romantic, candid photo of couple kissing on cliff edge. At bruce peninsula near the grotto on Georgian bay

None of us wanted to leave. It was about 9:30pm when the pitch-black night fell and being the only ones still left there, we thought we should start our walk back through the woods. The silence was both beautiful and eerie. The howling of wolfs quickly changed that… We made it to a parking lot but it was about another hour walk from where we parked our car. Rather than keep walking we thought to ask a group of people for a lift to the other lot. They told us we could hop on the back of their truck if we wanted. Done!

sunset at the grotto georgian bay, bruce peninsula. GTA Engagement Photography

The Grotto Georgian Bay | Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory Engagement Photography | Canoe, Hiking, Sunset, Sunrise, Pebble Beach, Lake


We all walked away from that weekend with amazing memories and an even better story to tell.

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