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      HOMEMEET USPHOTOS CONTACT USBLOG couple photos in 100 Mile House 23 Feb Couple photos in 100 Mile House: Dalana and Justin When Dalana asked us to join her and Justin for couple photos in 100 Mile House, we knew we vancouver wedding photography were in for a treat! A cabin weekend with awesome people in the middle of nowhere and taking photos on a frozen lake? Yes please. ;) The... Wreck Beach photos by vancouver wedding photographer Tanja 16 Feb Wreck Beach photos with Monica Wreck Beach is without a doubt my favourite beach in Vancouver. I pay the beach a ‘mandatory’ visit in January for my annual polar bear dip. And once in a while I'll convince myself to go down the long set of stairs for a lazy... A wedding photographer in Rolley Lake Park BC 08 Feb Rolley Lake hike: short and sweet I randomly stumbled upon Rolley Lake by looking at Google Maps. It's so fun to just look at vancouver wedding photographers the maps and find the lakes and green spots. And how humbling to know that in my lifetime it's impossible to see all the lakes in BC.... Golden Ears Park engagement photos 02 Feb Golden Ears Park engagement photos: Cait + Matt Golden Ears Park engagement photos were definitely at the top of our bucket list. Before this engagement shoot, Jelger and I had hiked there a few times. So when Cait and Matt chose this location, Jelger and I were thrilled! On the day of the shoot,... rustic wedding inspiration with hay 26 Jan What is the best time of the day to take outdoor wedding photos? A lot of brides and grooms to be wonder what is the best time of the day to take wedding photos. Well, let me give your opinion as a professional wedding photographer. First of all, there's no right/wrong. A good wedding photographer is able to... Vancouver rainy day wedding tips 18 Jan Vancouver rainy day wedding tips In Vancouver rain is always a possibility, so I'm sharing this post with rainy day wedding vancouver wedding photographers tips with you! Hint: it doesn't have to spoil your fun! ;) A bit of preparation goes a long way! Tip 1: rain plans, don't postpone them until the day/week... Sunshine Ranch wedding bridal party 11 Jan Sunshine Ranch wedding in Horsefly: Minette + Florian I had to wait to blog these photos from Minette and Florian's Sunshine Ranch wedding in Horsefly for so long! The reason being this beautiful feature in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. But now the waiting is over and I'm sharing it all! ;) For our first meeting... Forst of Mt. Maxwell Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island 05 Jan Salt Spring Island mini road trip Past November Jelger and I visited Salt Spring Island to take a break after a super busy season. For the first time our busy season lasted until late fall and we were in dire need of a vacation. On this mini road trip we intended to... Cecil Green wedding 28 Dec Cecil Green wedding: Whitney + Charlotte I'm very excited to share Whitney and Charlotte's Cecil Green wedding on our blog today! :) It's a great time of the year to reminisce on all the people we met and the fun weddings we photographed. Whitney and Charlotte's wedding had so many unique... snowshoeing in the dark at Dog Mountain Mt. Seymour 21 Dec Dog Mountain hike Winter vs Summer Dog Mountain hike on Mt. Seymour is one of Jelger and my favourite quick hikes. As it often vancouver wedding photographers happens, we end up with a "late hike" on our day off. We start the day sleeping in, drinking coffee, lounging, starting to get bored aaaand wanting... Harrison Hot Springs wedding 14 Dec Harrison Hot Springs wedding A Harrison Hot Springs wedding is something that has been on my wish list for a while! After visiting Harrison Hot Springs 2 years ago, we were definitely sold! So when this amazing duo brought us out there we were over the moon! Just in... Sea to Sky Gondola engagement 07 Dec Sea to Sky Gondola engagement: Cathy + Andrew Cathy and Andrew decided on Sea to Sky Gondola engagement photos. Jelger and I loved it! While we'd been up to the Summit Lodge several times for weddings, this was our first engagement shoot in the Squamish hotspot! Luck was definitely on our side that day.... Coquitlam wedding couple portraits 30 Nov Coquitlam wedding: Daiana + Dennis Past September Jelger and I had the pleasure of photographing Daiana and Dennis' Coquitlam wedding. Well, to say it was only in Coquitlam would be an understatement, because they included several amazing spots in Vancouver, Burnaby and Port Moody! My morning started with Daiana and the... swan-e-set wedding 23 Nov Swan-e-set wedding in Pitt Meadows: Carry + Calvin We were excited to photograph Carrie and Calvin's Swan-e-set wedding this past September. Of course we loved working at a gorgeous venue, but more important we knew this duo was going to have one big ass party! The day started with wedding door games. Calvin and... wedding day family photos 16 Nov 7 tips for your wedding day family photos We all have memories of photo time with our family when we were kids (or adults!). Often we remember a feeling of boredom: everyone lining up, smiling at the camera... Vancouver backyard wedding brideandgroom 09 Nov Vancouver backyard wedding: Elysa + Alex When the weather is as cold as today, it's hard to imagine having a Vancouver backyard wedding. But past August, when we photographed this intimate day, it was crazy hot!! Elysa and Alex flew in from Calgary to get married in Alex's childhood home. For Jelger... Spanish banks wedding vancouver 02 Nov Spanish Banks wedding: Chloe and Alex Chloe and Alex had a unique idea: a Spanish banks wedding with only a select group of vancouver wedding photographers closest friends and family. The couple eloped on a Friday, enjoying a relaxed and intimate day and the next day they hosted a big reception. But the moment... Cecil Green Park House wedding 26 Oct Cecil Green Park house wedding: Jennifer + Leland In April we had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer and Leland's Cecil Green Park House wedding! Not only are they amazing clients, but also our very good friends. And one of the best feelings EVER is to photograph a friend's wedding! We've known Jennifer for a... Lindeman Lake hike in Chilliwack 19 Oct Lindeman Lake hike: Fall is really happening When we tried the Lindeman Lake hike a few weeks back, I was still a bit in denial: surely the weather is still warm. We've got some Summer left, right? Right?!?! (*insert panicky voice here*) While online everyone started enthusiastically sharing pumpkin spice photos and mentioning... West Vancouver wedding ceremony 12 Oct Law Court’s Inn wedding: Fiona + Daniel When Fiona and Daniel first told us about their Law Court's Inn wedding, we were truly surprised! After all these years in Vancouver, we had absolutely no idea that there was a BIG wedding venue above the Law Courts in the heart of downtown! The two... Mystery Lake hike 28 Sep Mystery Lake hike and birthday bears On the evening of my birthday (two days ago!), Jelger and I did the Mystery Lake hike. And you read that right, there were birthday bears. And no, that's not a spelling mistake!! ;) After 6 years in Canada and NEVER seeing a bear, two beautiful... Sea to sky gondola wedding 21 Sep Sea to Sky Gondola wedding: Caroline + Spencer I'm excited to share Caroline and Spencer's Sea to Sky Gondola wedding on the blog today! So, remember those hazy August days when our entire province was on fire? On one of those days Caroline and Spencer got married! They travelled to Squamish all the way... a Roundhouse Vancouver wedding 14 Sep Roundhouse Vancouver wedding: Erin + Daniel When Erin and Daniel asked us to photograph their secret Roundhouse Vancouver wedding, we were over the moon!!! They are personal friends, which made it extra special when they asked us to document their day! This was also the first time we photographed a secret wedding!... aberthau mansion wedding in Vancouver 05 Sep Aberthau Mansion wedding: Breanne + Jim Breanne and Jim chose for an Aberthau Mansion wedding! The Aberthau Mansion is one of those venues that's a total hidden gem. It's a gorgeous heritage building in Vancouver that not a lot of people know about. Since their engagement shoot and chatting with them about... Elk Mountain hike in chilliwack BC 29 Aug Elk Mountain hike and knowing when to stop Last Monday, Jelger and I did the Elk Mountain hike in Chilliwack. To tell you the truth, since wedding season got crazy busy, we let a lot of hiking opportunities slip. It just seemed more tempting to hang out at home in a Netflix and... northview golf course wedding 24 Aug Northview Golf Course wedding: Andrea + Cary This was the third time Jelger and I had the pleasure of photographing a Northview Golf Course wedding vancouver wedding photographers. I thought I already knew what it looked like out there, but Andrea and Cary surprised us! They planned some time to drive around with golf carts... golden sunset in Horsefly at the Sunshine Ranch 17 Aug From drifting to focused So far this season has been the busiest one ever for our business. The past couple of months have been absolutely amazing and filled with shoots all over the Lower Mainland and beyond. I have yet to write about a lot of the weddings we... Vancouver engagement shoot 15 Aug Vancouver engagement shoot: Ran + Chan For their Vancouver engagement shoot, Ran picked out the beautiful Acadia Beach at UBC. She studied at UBC and loved a more secluded area for photos so she and Chan wouldn't have a big audience. I totally understand that! It can be intimidating to have... a couple at the sea to sky gondola for a wedding blog about timeline tips 10 Aug Wedding timeline tips A good wedding timeline can make your life so much easier! Let's be honest, a wedding can be pretty hectic and packed with all kinds of events. It all comes down to project management and building a realistic timeline that keeps track of as many... Mission Barn wedding, couple in the greens 08 Aug Mission barn wedding: Alli + Mikk A rustic Mission barn wedding with a duo of dance loving enthusiasts?! That's exactly what our past July 15th looked like! I should add that the term "barn" doesn't entirely cover what the Maeots venue looks like! It's an amazing old wooden building from the people... a green park in the middle of Brussels 03 Aug My solo trip to Belgium In early June my sister got married in Belgium, so of course I had to be there! Jelger however, would be working at a wedding in Vancouver instead. After all June is the middle of our busy season! It would be my first time travelling to... UBC engagement photos of a beautiful couple 01 Aug UBC engagement shoot: Whitney and Charlotte Whitney and Charlotte are having their wedding at Cecil Green Park House and decided to do a UBC engagement shoot to stay in the "UBC theme". ;) Plenty of amazing nature at the UBC grounds, so we enthusiastically scouted it out. The photo shoot was also a test... wedding photographer Jelger at Natural Bridge in Yoho 27 Jul Natural Bridge and Wapta Falls Natural Bridge and Wapta Falls are the final two destinations I want to share with you from our Yoho road trip. Next week we leave on our next trip to Horsefly for an amazing wedding. :) When we arrived at Natural Bridge, we were not alone!... UBC engagement shoot 25 Jul UBC engagement shoot: Andrea and Cary Andrea and Cary decided to have a UBC engagement shoot, because they both studied there and have great memories! Instead of Jelger and I scouting and choosing the shooting locations, they took us on a fun trip through student memory lane. Starting of at Koerner's... Johnston Canyon in Banff with snow 20 Jul Roadtrip in Banff with snow in May! The weather forecast predicted as much: tomorrow it will snow in Banff and Yoho. We didn't really vancouver wedding photographers take it too seriously at first. It was over 30 degrees and we were baking in the sun. Sure it wasn't going to be that bad?! WRONG!!! As... Sea to Sky gondola elopement 18 Jul Sea To Sky Gondola elopement: Tya + Anthony Tya and Anthony's was our 5th Sea To Sky Gondola elopement!!! In case you're wondering: no, we don't get tired of this place, everrrr! ;) Squamish proudly carries the title: Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. And it shows! We get especially excited when the schedule... forest photo at the Lions Bay Loop Hike 13 Jul Lions Bay Loop hike and seeing the light When googling "hidden hikes Vancouver', Lions Bay Loop hike showed up quickly. I google things like that, because I'm always hunting for the places that are less busy. Because we are working a lot these days (wedding season is in full swing!), it becomes more... pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park Vancouver 11 Jul Pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park: Shanny + Andy When Shanny and Andy contacted us for their pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park, we were over the moon! Not only did they love the coast and mountains of third beach (yay nature!), they flew to Vancouver from Hong Kong, just for their shoot! I can't... engagement ideas at Jones Lake on tree stumps 06 Jul Flood Falls and Jones Lake adventures Jones Lake is one of those places you'll see passing by on Instagram that looks like an "out of this world" environment. Of course it was on my bucket list for quite some time! A few weeks ago we made it happen. We left our place... silhouette in Lighthouse Park engagement 04 Jul Lighthouse Park engagement shoot: Alli + Mikk Lighthouse Park is an amazing place for an engagement shoot. Jelger and I have been there several vancouver wedding photography times, but every time we discover a new spot and more ideas for the next time. :) You can head straight for the "obvious beach", which would be... Buntzen Lake hike 29 Jun Lounging at Buntzen Lake Buntzen Lake, so far I've hiked there twice, but never managed to complete the loop around the lake. It's a bit silly really. On our days off, we wake up late and slooooowly drink our coffee. When I say slowly, I do mean it takes... Grouse-Mountain-wedding-photography 27 Jun Grouse Mountain wedding: Lauren and Casey When Lauren and Casey started planning their Grouse Mountain wedding, I'm sure they could not predict the weather! It was Easter weekend, but instead of sunshine or typical Vancouver rain, the weather went all crazy. We met at Cleveland Dam, for their first look. Rain poured... emerald-lake-lodge-wedding 22 Jun Emerald Lake Lodge: a dream wedding venue I have been following the Emerald Lake Lodge's instagram account for a long time. It's definitely one of my dream wedding venues in BC! So when we decided to do our Yoho road trip, I just had to pay the lodge a visit! Prior to leaving... hoodoos-yoho-national-park-jelger 15 Jun Hoodoos in Yoho National Park One of the hikes I spotted before driving to Yoho National Park was the Hoodoos hike. I had never vancouver wedding photography heard the word hoodoo before. I kept repeating it to Jelger until it drove him slightly crazy. ;) Of course I wanted to do this hike and see... Car-camping-british-columbia 08 Jun Rocky Mountain Car camping in Yoho NP When I glanced at our insane May schedule a few weeks ago, I knew I had to do something. So I decided to organize a tiny road trip with car camping. ;) With only 5 days to spare it'd have to be something short, but... Vancouver, BC – Jelger + Tanja Photographers – Vancouver wedding photographers for vancouver wedding photography spontaneous and adventurous brides and grooms. Meet Vancouver’s Top Wedding Photographers Learn more about the talent behind the lens. July 19, 2017 By Dominika Lirette / Photo: Blush Wedding Photography You only get married once (hopefully), so finding the right wedding photographer to capture all of the day’s special moments is a must. And because these seasoned shutterbugs have become known for snapping the most breathtaking images in the industry, we decided to turn the cameras on them (figuratively speaking, of course) to get the scoop on what couples can expect before, during and after the wedding day. (Photo: Blush Wedding Photography.) 1. Blush Wedding Photography Who: Kristy Ryan and Ken Yiem Cost: $4,900 to $11,500. What does your package include? Every package includes two photographers and 750-plus photos. From there, people can add photography hours, albums, parent albums and guest books. How would you describe your style? We like to say we capture our couples’ heart and style. [My husband] captures the moments with a photojournalistic style, and I capture all the details and give the photos an editorial look with a fine art style. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? We look for moments that capture a feeling that years down the road you will cherish—like a look in the father’s eye. When capturing wedding details, I look for a consistent colour story and clean lines so all the shots will look good together. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? All of them. But, to name a few: the bride seeing herself for the first time in her dress, the first look, when their partner says “I do,” and the walk down the aisle. (Photo: David and Sherry Photography.) 2. David and Sherry Photography Who: David and Sherry Buck Cost: $3,500 to $5,000 (photography only); $4,500 to $9,000 (photography and albums) What does your package include? All of our packages include two photographers and a full gallery of high-resolution, edited, finished digital images. Some packages include printed materials, such as albums. How would you describe your style? We are best known for our creative fine art photography with moments of photojournalism. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? We look for many things during weddings, the most important being good light. All great artwork through the ages is timeless because of its great use of light. We look for light first, then emotion, composition and style. If the light isn’t present, we will create it. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? I love the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding gown. These moments make me tear up even while I’m photographing. (Photo: Jozef Povazan.) 3. Jozef Povazan Photography Who: Jozef Povazan Cost: From $4,000 (average client spends $6,000 to $8,000) What does your package include? I personally photograph every wedding client. All of them receive a handmade Italian leather album and USB flash drive with edited images. How would you describe your style? Unique, edgy, fun, modern, creative wedding storytelling. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? The story of all people invited. Emotions and expressions, which put these images together in a very personal way. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? The day will reveal it, as every wedding is unique. So I have no expectations, yet enjoy the whole day and show how it took place in my artistic way. (Photo: Justine Boulin Photography.) 4. Justine Boulin Photography Who: Justine Boulin Cost: From $4,100 (custom pricing available for small, intimate weddings) What does your package include? I have packages that include all the edited digital images only (usually between 800 to 1,000), or digital images plus albums. As of now, they all include a second shooter. How would you describe your style? Documentary. I love to capture the candid ‘realness’ of the wedding day—the emotions, the honesty and what it felt like. My goal is not to pose you all day and not to shoot for my portfolio. Instead, I capture the story of your wedding, and who you are as a couple, and what makes you unique. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? Relationships and moments between people—intimate ones, funny ones, ones that tell a little bit about who you are and adds to the story of your wedding day. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? The unexpected ones. We expect the bride to get her hair and makeup done, the couple to kiss. We expect the first dance and even expect to take posed pictures of the couple in pretty light. But, the unexpected ones are the best moments—the ones you can’t predict. (Photo: The Apartment Photography.) 5. The Apartment Photography Who: Jeff and Cat Chang Cost: $4,200 to $7,300. What does your package include? Two photographers are part of every package—they’re designed to be simple, uncomplicated and to reward those who choose more services (like an engagement session), albums or more hours of coverage. How would you describe your style? Our style comes in two parts. The first is capturing the image, which we do in a non-obtrusive photojournalistic way; it allows our images to be both casual and intimate without feeling forced, all while leaving room for a little creativity. The second part is editing, where, fun fact, for every hour of coverage on the wedding day, we typically spend four to five hours in post-production. Our style no doubt owes its roots to film photography, where natural grain, warmth and a sense of nostalgia are strong. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? Authentic candid moments are what we really look for on a wedding day. Cat and I have spent years honing in on our skills and it’s become abundantly clear that it takes experience to know where to be to really capture those moments as they unfold. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? That’s a really hard one to answer! It’s probably a three-way tie between, kids being kids and doing goofy things, catching mom or grandma being either super emotional or laughing their heads off, and the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on the day. The latter is a really sweet moment and we are so fortunate to be able to witness and capture it. (Photo: Shari and Mike Photographers.) 6. Shari and Mike Who: Shari and Mike Vallely Cost: From $4,700 (local weddings) and $2,700 (elopements) What does your package include? Our starting package includes up to eight hours of coverage, two photographers and approximately 800 high-resolution files. We also offer custom albums. How would you describe your style? Describing our style always proves to be a difficult task. The words that have been used often to describe our work are honest, fresh, evocative and jovial. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? The two things we look for most on a wedding day are: (1) Light. We are always watching to see how the current available light can enhance our photos and inspire us to create unique imagery; and (2) Human connection. We like to say that we are professional people watchers, constantly aware of what’s happening around us, anticipating moments, and being ready to capture them through our perspective. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? Real, un-rehearsed moments. Like when the bride, while dancing with her dad, bursts into tears when all the guests surrounding them begin to sing along with “You are my Sunshine.” Or when the groom cannot contain his excitement after seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day. Or when the dog walking the bride down the aisle decides the decorative tree is a good place to mark his territory. (Photo: Jessica Lee Photography.) 7. Jessica Lee Photography Who: Jessica Lee Latone Cost: From $3,200 What does your package include? Our packages include photography coverage, which varies based on the selected package, as well as a complimentary Welcome Package and access to an online gallery. How would you describe your style? My photography style is quirky and fun, but still classic and romantic. I take a more photojournalistic approach to my work. What do you look for when you are taking wedding photos? When I am photographing a wedding, I look for great moments and wonderful light. What are your favourite moments to capture on film? My favourite moments are the ones full of raw emotion. For more help planning your big day, subscribe to the Vancouver newsletter! TAGS: BLUSH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY DAVID & SHERRY PHOTOGRAPHY JESSICA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY JOSEF POVAZAN PHOTOGRAPHY. JUSTINE BOULINE PHOTOGRAPHY SHARI + MIKE THE APARTMENT PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Dynamic Weddings (27) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Dynamic Weddings is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing professional photography services for your wedding or next event. Their interactive and personalized services cover more than just photography. You will be guaranteed big savings by going with more services such as... (wedding photographer Vancouver) 1 promotion Request Pricing 48 Fabrizio Belardetti Photography Fabrizio Belardetti Photography (10) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Fabrizio Belardetti is a Vancouver based photographer. His specialization is capturing the beauty and the love felt at your wedding. His photos capture moments that don't need words to be explained. His mission is to capture moments, so you can relive the atmosphere of your day, forever. We will... (wedding photographers Vancouver) 1 promotion -10% WeddingWire exclusive Request Pricing 72 4 Beautiful Life Studios Beautiful Life Studios (80) Wedding Photography When it comes to selecting your wedding photographer and videographer the team at Beautiful Life Studios know what an important decision this is to make. Their goal is to assure you of their ability to capture your events flawlessly with the pleasure of making new friends along the way. Each of... (wedding photographers Vancouver) Request Pricing 14 Cliff Ma Photography Cliff Ma Photography (7) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cliff Ma Photography is a company that specializes in creating breathtaking images from beautiful weddings and other special events. Owner and main photographer Cliff Ma combines contemporary, photojournalism and portraiture styles of photography. His powerful... (wedding photography Vancouver) Request Pricing 13 Vancouverful Life Photography Vancouverful Life Photography (5) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Vancouverful Life Photography is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in great wedding photography for couples who want to get exactly what they envisioned for their wedding collection. If you are looking for creative photos that have a unique dreamlike quality about them, then you've hit the... (wedding photographer Vancouver) 1 promotion -5% WeddingWire exclusive Request Pricing 64 1 Eventsia Wedding Services Eventsia Wedding Services (7) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Eventsia Wedding Services is a company that specializes in professional photography services among other great wedding services for your big day. The team uses contemporary and portraiture photographic styles to create romantic and whimsical images that you... (wedding photographers Vancouver) Request Pricing 51 Marla Jenkins Photography Marla Jenkins Photography (57) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Marla Jenkins Photography is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in picking up on the most inspiring and tear-jerking images from your wedding day. Marla's fun and fresh approach towards her clients will make you feel relaxed without ever having to compromise on the quality of your images.... (wedding photographers Vancouver) Request Pricing 389 7 SoWedding Photo and Cinema Productions SoWedding Photo and Cinema Productions (24) Wedding Photography, Richmond (British Columbia) At SoWedding, their goal is to document the timeless memories of your wedding. In fact, their professional trained team members have been practicing and working together for a long time in order to achieve a similar approach in wedding photos and videos productions. Trust SoWedding and they will... (wedding photographers Vancouver) 1 promotion -5% WeddingWire exclusive Request Pricing 42 1 The Eunice & Co The Eunice & Co (3) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) The Eunice & Co is a company that specializes in wedding services ranging from photography to makeup. It offers everything that you need to look glamorous and stunning for your wedding pictures. The Eunice & Co offers a single destination for high quality services and products. It boasts an indoor... (wedding photographer Vancouver) Request Pricing 45 Nomad by NK Nomad by NK Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Located in Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia, Nomad by NK is a company that specializes in professional wedding and lifestyle photography for brides and grooms who are looking for a breathtaking wedding collection full of their happiest memories. Owners and photographers Natalie and Kerstin... (wedding photographers Vancouver) Request Pricing 87 Will Kwan Photography Will Kwan Photography (17) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Wedding and lifestyle photographer Will Kwan absolutely loves to capture the chemistry and intimate bond shared by couples. Will Kwan Photography specializes in the following photography styles: photojournalism, contemporary, traditional, and portraiture. Will understands the magnitude of special... (wedding photography Vancouver) Request Pricing 28 Emily Nicole Photos Emily Nicole Photos (26) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Emily Nicole Photos is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in intimate wedding photography. Emily uses natural light, and a photojournalistic eye to document the story of your day. Emily loves candid moments, real love, and all things family. Services offered Any season is right for Emily... (wedding photographers Vancouver) 1 promotion -10% WeddingWire exclusive Request Pricing 33 Ginger Photography Ginger Photography (21) Wedding Photography, Vancouver (British Columbia) Ginger Photography is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing soon-to-be-married couples with a selection of wedding photos that combine candid moments with editorial style shots that are simply stunnig. These photos will not only capture honest emotion but it will also capture the... (wedding photographer Vancouver) Request Pricing 21 Crispin Cannon Photography Crispin Cannon Photography Wedding Photography, Whistler (British Columbia) Located in Whistler, British Columbia, Crispin Cannon Photography is a company that specializes in authentic wedding photography services for brides and grooms on their big day. Owner and main photographer Crispin will skillfully shoot all the interactions and special moments in a contemporary and... (wedding photographer Vancouver)

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