There is a lot of time and research put into finding the perfect spot for your wedding photographs and wedding venue but what about the location you are getting ready in? Does it really make a difference? Absolutely! The space you get ready in will have a direct impact on the overall look of your photographs. Whether this is at your home, your venue, or at a hotel, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to ensure bright and light and beautiful photographs!


      Getting ready at home or at a venue where room options are limited? Select a room that has:

      1. The most natural window light
      2. White or pale coloured walls and white ceiling are best and avoiding orange/yellow/red as much as possible
      3. The most space with minimal clutter
      4. Is there options to be creative? If no rooms are fitting these credentials yet your porch or dining room is ticking all the boxes your photographer may be able to make that work! (we have done it so many times and achieved GORGEOUS images)
      5. Don’t worry about choosing a room with the most artificial light as most lights are warm and cast an orange glow so may be turned off anyways.


      The space by the window will probably be the area that your photographer will use to photograph your apparel as well as you getting into your dress/suit, so be sure to keep it clear and clean (dust is the enemy). If none of the areas of your getting ready location fit the bill, don’t fret! Your photographers will have lighting systems with them to battle any darkness. Note, if you are one of those people that has a Pinterest board full of magazine worthy apparel photographs and getting ready shots and you want yours to measure up? Maybe consider changing to a hotel room or even Airbnb rental if your current location just won’t work.


      Soft BLUE feature walls are common in bridal suites and we love it!


      What to look for when booking a hotel room:


      1. Proximity to your venue – cut down on travel and traffic issues that have the potential to cause any unneeded stress
      2. Ability to select your room. Can you book knowing the exact suite you will get?
      3. Newly renovated hotels will really help provide a modern and clean backdrop
      4. White walls and white ceiling (avoid yellow, orange and red like the plague)
      5. Lots of natural window light
      6. The more space the better, especially if you have a bigger bridal party. Going with the hotel’s suite costs a bit more, but if you have four or more people getting ready with you, it may just be the way to go.


      So you’ve now got your location down pat and you can’t wait for the big day. What’s next? Have fun! Brides, have a bridesmaid make a “getting ready” playlist to be rocked so you can dance around the room in your robe with champagne in hand! Grooms, relax with a glass of Kentucky’s finest or play a round of pool if there is a table handy. On your wedding day, every second is precious, so make sure you enjoy every last one!


      Happy wedding!

      Rianna xoxo