Adam and I are super excited whenever we get to shoot at a venue we’d never been before. We looked up Nestleton Waters Inn online but the photos didn’t come close to the real-life magnificence of the estates. Set in the heart of Port Perry amongst farm country, corn fields, and dirt roads is this jaw dropping mansion and the beautiful property it rests on.

      It was August 14th and the skies couldn’t have been more kind to us with zero rain, but enough cloud cover to act as our giant soft box in the sky. When I arrived, Sharla was busy getting all her bridesmaids ready with their final make-up touches. This is when I got the first sense of this bride’s self-less nature. Whereas normally I will walk into a room and it will be abuzz with concerns for the bride (and rightly so!) in this case it was the bride worrying about everyone else but herself.

      The ceremony was held under the marquee overlooking the water and the estates. Musicians set the tone for the magic that was about to come as Sharla walked down the aisle and Travis laid eyes on her for the first time. I love the first looks where the groom starts off with his ‘serious face’ but the instant he sees her it turns into an ear-to-ear grin that just can’t be held back (…as well as my inconvenient tears – do you know how hard it is to keep a camera straight when you get sobby?). This ceremony had all the elements of perfection – tears, laughter, and the big ol’ dip and kiss that nobody was expecting.

      For the reception (part one! – yes there are two parts) we were led into yet another marquee that was set up with beautiful DIY centrepieces of tree branches hung with bird cages. An old wood & glass paned door marked the table numbers and guest names and the table next to it held a collection of picture frames of those loved and lost.

      What was part two you ask? Well once dinner was eaten and speeches were given, the guests were led onto a big bus that took them to the local social hall. The room was decked out in vibrant colours, silk fabrics, and all things Morocco. Very, very cool! Sharla’s family is all in the music industry, including herself, being a Nashville recorded artist, so it stands to reason that music would play a role in this couple’s wedding. With Sharla on the guitar and vocals, Travis on the drums, and Sharla’s dad rocking the harmonica, this was definitely the most talented family band we had ever heard! The perfect way to end the night of what was truly a day we will never forget.

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