We didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kayleigh and Justin before their wedding day as these two were travelling across America with their hockey team, so over Facetime chats and phone calls I got to know this amazing couple. Their winery wedding was at a beautiful country vineyard.

      Kayleigh was with her bridesmaids getting ready in the beautiful bridal house… no more like bridal mansion. Stunning timber beamed pitched roof, white shuttered windows and a balcony overlooking the grape vines. Yippee! I had the honour of pinning a piece of Kayleigh’s grandmother’s wedding dress to the bouquet with my trusty sewing kit. Needles don’t work as well as florist’s pins, but hey it got the job done!

      With Kayleigh looking gorgeous we lead her down to where Justin was waiting for her for their first reveal. Best moment ever. We always tell our client’s to not rush it and to forget the cameras and just BE in the moment. How often do you get to have that first look of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with after all? These two definitely did it right and took the time to relish in it all (and for Kayleigh to pick something out of Justin’s tooth! Lol hilarious).

      Anxiety was high as the finishing touches were placed in preparation for the ceremony. The skies were looking mighty black and the rain started to lightly fall but the outdoor ceremony went ahead anyways. It was SO worth it. Right as the bride and groom got to their wedding vows the sun came out and the rain stopped. Magic from start to finish. We love when couple’s put their own spin on traditions. After walking their bridesmaid to their spot at the altar, each groomsman went in for their own unique hand shake with the groom.

      Their reception was filled of stories of hockey (Kayleigh works for her dad’s hockey team and Justin plays for it), holy crap SO much laughter, the hilarious dancing grandma, and to top it all off a romantic sunset photo session after the storm.

      A shout out to the amazing vendors that worked their magic at this winery wedding:

      Coordination: The Event Design Co.
      Hair: Moda Hair Studio (Instagram @modahair)
      Makeup: Beauty by Melissa