This Earth to Table Farm wedding was to-die-for! This amazing fall we have been having meant an outdoor ceremony while watching the warm as it started to set behind the barn. The vows were beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking.

      We were super excited to get out onto the dirt trail for some rustic, whimsical, sunset wedding photographs. The sun was hitting the perfect spot to add a little sun flare. As we were photographing Casey, Danny came behind us to watch and he got to see what we see. His reaction? “WOW!” His already stunning bride was awash in sunset glow and it was magical!

      I couldn’t control the hysterical laughter when I asked the groomsmen to channel their inner Canada goose for our groomsmen ‘V’ shot and they all broke out flapping their wings and ‘CAW’ing. The love and life of these two was all encompassing and we are so happy that it just pours out of their wedding photos!

      Congratulations Casey and Danny!