Hilary and Richard’s wedding took us out to their hometown! A little back roads trip, some country air and a backyard wedding underneath the stars? Oh yeah!

      Adam was on his way to meet Richard at his parent’s home where the wedding was being held and I headed for the hotel where Hilary was getting ready with all of her girls. This is the part of the day that is super unique for every bride as everyone is different. We love this, and it is so much fun to capture the true essence of the bride herself, and her connection with her closest gal pals. My first encounter with Hilary was probably… no definitely, the most hilarious I’ve had thus far. Walking through the hotel room swamped with laughing and chatter, I found Hilary through the open doorway of the bathroom, sitting on the side of the bath tub in a white beach dress – veil on her head, glass of champagne in one hand, razor in the other. The most elegant leg shaving you ever did saw. Love it! With the legs out of the way, the magic could happen as Hilary stepped into her gorgeous, beaded, vintage style gown, now ready to take her walk down the aisle.

      Back at the ranch, all the wedding prep was done and Richard stood waiting for Hilary under the wooden arbour he had made himself. So special! Hilary was led down the aisle by their two little flower girls holding the cutest DIY sign. The warm August sun washed over all the guests as they said their vows, shed a few tears and rang in the new chapter of their lives together.

      It was time to celebrate with a few beers and a whole lot of laughs while we captured some awesome candid moments at Bruce’s Mill. The old wood building, fields of wildflowers, and winding trail was super perfect for some laid-back, natural photographs.

      The reception followed under the twinkling lights of the stars and the glowing fairy lights of the marquee where Hilary and Richard shared one of the most emotional first dances we have ever seen. Cue the tears – again! Will I ever stop crying at weddings?