We are so lucky to have the clients that we have. You will often hear me call them, our ‘soulmate’ clients as it is as if it was meant to be. There is an immediate understanding of each other and our work just comes so easily. Kylie and Zach were absolutely no exception.

      We met them out on their newly acquired property in the country town of Amaranth, Ontario where they live with their two Dobermans and run their landscaping company. In all our years of searching for the perfect spot for woody, romantic, sunset engagement photos we had not found it until then. A walk through their “backyard” leads you to an entry into a pine forest where row upon row of pine trees are lined up perfectly with the sun streaming through in rays overhead. We obviously started here and looking down at my camera, I was already super excited with what we were capturing. Could it get better?

      A quick walk through one of the rows of trees takes you through a waist high field of grasses (if you know me, then you know I am OBSESSED with fields for some odd reason). Kylie jumped on Zach’s back while we waded through the grasses to the trail that was to lead us to their “magic place.” Wow! Never have we seen it where it goes from beautiful open field to a sun streamed deciduous forest and then turn a corner and you’re under the dark, heavy brush of pines again. I definitely knew what they meant by magic. This fall engagement session was bursting with the stuff! And so is the story of how Zach and Kylie met.

      couple in plaid shirt standing in middle of row of pine trees

      fall engagement shoot with dog in forrest

      Kylie first saw Zach at a lacrosse game in Brampton. Her first reaction? “Oh my… who is that?! I’m going to marry him!!” Freaky right? Mutual friends introduced them but the timing just wasn’t right leading to years of just friendship. The end.

      Just kidding!

      Zach was the first to make a move when on June 12th, 2010, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Next step… ask her to be his wife.

      Sometimes proposals don’t always go as planned… Zach’s THIRD attempt was to ask for her hand while high in the skies during a romantic hot air balloon ride. What could go wrong? Well wind of course – lots of it. Bring on the fourth attempt and maybe a little help from mom and sister. Kylie and Zach are obviously both nature lovers so what could be more perfect than a hike down to a waterfall to set the scene. There, Kylie noticed that one of their Dobermans had a ball in their mouth. He didn’t have it before, so where did it come from? She took it from his mouth and was just about to throw it when Zach stopped her. Phew, that was close! Fourth attempt nearly ended then and there. She looked down at the ball and read the written message, “Will you marry dad?” She looks up and there is Zach, down on one knee.

      Their wedding is on Kylie’s family farm in September of this year. Cannot wait!

      natural photo of couple in pine forrest at sunset

      romantic photo of couple kissing in pine forrest in Caledon

      photojournalistic and candid photo of couple in tall grassy field at sunset

      fun and candid photo of couple giving a piggyback ride in tall grassy field at Caledon

      fun photo of couple in plaid with dog in a tall grassy field

      romantic fall engagement shoot with plaid blanket

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      couple sitting in wheat field in a farm at sunset in Caledon GTA

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      engagement photo of couple with dogs at sunset in Caledon, GTA

      Couple sitting with dogs in a wheat field on a farm during a fall engagement shoot, GTA

      landscape photo of sunset . Indie style engagement photo, Caledon GTA

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