Adam and I lived in Australia together (where he is from) for a little over 6 years. Though we LOVE it here in Canada, there is always going to be a longing for the other place we call home. Whenever we get the opportunity to meet and work with another couple who come from that same sunburnt country, it brings our two worlds together and a special connection seems to form.

      Kaitlyn is a Canadian girl, who just like me, happened to find their true love in an Australian man. That man would be Kel! A country boy from small town New South Wales.

      These two couldn’t have been more right for each other. Their wedding day at Ancaster Mill couldn’t have been more beautiful.

      elegant white wedding shoes on window sill at Ancaster mill

      detail shot of vintage wedding dress in Hamilton

      The thing I love about weddings is that you can never experience SO MANY pivotal moments in in such a short period of time as you can on a wedding day. The anticipation of the morning, the excitement and nerves of the ceremony and the emotional words and champagne cheers of the reception.

      elegant vintage style wedding dress hagging on custom hanger from wood beam at Ancaster mill

      black and white photo of wedding dress lace bow

      vintage style photo of elegant wedding bouquet. white and pink roses

      black and white photo of indie groom doing up suspenders at the Ancaster mill

      brass plaque at Ancaster mill. wedding detail photos

      bride and bridesmaids walking over bridge towards wedding ceremony at the lower grounds of Ancaster mill

      vintage style photo of elegant bride and father of bride walking down isle

      indie groom waiting under white arbour at the lower ground at Ancaster mill hamilton

      father and bride walking down isle at a n elegant boho outdoor wedding in Hamilton

      That pivotal moment that couldn’t be beat for Kaitlyn and Kel’s wedding happened during their beautiful outdoor ceremony, when Kel stood under the arbour in front of their closest family and friends and waited for his bride. Escorted by her father, Kaitlyn came around that corner, and they had their first look. Kel had that knees weak, head spinning look about him as the tears started to fall. Literally the air changed and you couldn’t help but get overwhelmed by the absolute palpable love these two share.

      very emotional first reveal. groom cry's when he first see his beautiful bride

      candid photo of grooms mother at outdoor wedding ceremony in Hamilton

      vows exchange in front of white arbor at a elegant outdoor ceremony in the lower grounds of Ancaster Mill

      candid photo of emotional ring exchange at this beautiful outdoor ceremony

      patient first kiss under white arbor at Ancaster mill. photojournalistic wedding photography

      fun indie style wedding party photo at the Ancaster mill hamilton

      candid photo of groomsmen leaning against a stone wall in hamilton

      groomsmen in front of large stone wall, historic build in hamilton

      boho photo of elegant bridal party in front of stone wall in hamilton

      brides mades in blush pink bridesmaids dresses holding blush and white wedding flower bouquets

      photojournalistic photo of bridesmaids in front of large stone wall of a historic building in hamilton

      photo of an elegant wedding dress revealing a lace back and long train as bride stands on a wooden bridge

      natural photo of bride and groom walking through woodland in hamilton

      It was such a pleasure to capture the magic between these two during their photo session on the grounds of Ancaster Mill. The wooden bridge, rushing stream and rocky waterfall provided us with a little piece of heaven to work with for their rustic, woodsy style photos, making it feel like we were deep in woods of B.C.

      bride elegantly holding up dress as she walks through woods at Ancaster mill

      black and white photo of bride and groom in front of water fall in Hamilton

      bride and groom in front of a natural water fall at Ancaster mill

      romantic photo of bride and groom kissing in front of stream and waterfall

      bride and groom kiss passionately in front of waterfall at Ancaster mill

      indie groom with skull tattoo in front of waterfall hamilton

      boho bride standing in front of waterfall and stream in hamilton region

      black and white photo of indie groom with braces and tattoos

      black and white photo of first dance at Ancaster mill

      Ancaster Mill Hamilton | Bohemian Wedding Photographer


      One of our all-time fav spots to shoot and work as the staff there couldn’t be more wonderful.